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New Information About GW2 Guild Missions and Merits

As you probably know by now, in the upcoming February update titled Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm, they are adding guild missions to the game. Well, a bit more information has been released by Leah Rivera on what we can expect with this new addition to PVE gameplay! Keep reading to learn more. :)

Playstation 2013 Conference New PS4 Console and Games!

In case you missed it, Sony unveiled in a press conference today their much anticipated new console - the Playstation 4! Oh my goodness. But wait! They didn't even show the actual console! :( Siigh. The good news is that there was lots of other information about new features, new games, new technologies, and a new controller that is in store for us. All of this and more will be hitting shelves this 2013 holiday season. Keep reading for a roundup of information and some highlights. :D

PS4 Playstation Dualshock Controller
The new Playstation 4 controller. Ooh, fancy! Albeit a bit ugly.. >_>

Finishing "A Season of Growth" Sylvari Personal Story Chapter

Sorry for a bit of an absence lately. I was working on changing the site over to our own domain (yay!) and that proved to be a huge hassle because of the company I decided to use. If you have a blog on Blogger and are thinking of using your own custom domain, I can't say I would recommend going with 1&1 unless you don't mind having to do a bunch of workarounds. Yes they are cheap, but probably not worth all the extra effort you have to go through just to get things to work how they should. Luckily, I was able to finally sort everything out in the end and it appears to be working fine. If it isn't and you encounter any problems with pages not loading or links not linking correctly, please let me know... I'd really appreciate it! But until I hear otherwise, I will assume that it is all fixed now. :)

Anyways, tonight I decided to work a bit more on the Sylvari personal story again because I have it in my head that I must finish it all before running any dungeons. And I need to do dungeons for the monthly to get laurels, so I need to have the story all completed before the end of February! As you might remember, last time I was working on the personal story it ended with needing to meet Pellam in Caledon Forest. Note: personal story spoilers ahead!

Guild Wars 2 Sylvari personal story the grove