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Guild Wars 2 Personal Story, Finally! [Epic Adventure]

Sylvari and Soar Goldbeak in Hanto Trading Post
Plants vs... Tengu?
So, it's really no secret that I've been in a bit of a love/hate thing with Guild Wars 2 for a few months now... playing in the beta and even after launch were great but the "new car smell" has worn off a bit since then. Don't get me wrong - the game is definitely fun, but I, like a lot of other people, don't feel like there is much to keep players, well, playing. Even though there are many things to do (in fact, I haven't even touched certain areas of the game yet like sPVP or dungeons/fractals), I don't usually feel a whole lot of motivation to actually do them, at least for any significant length of time. However, since a lot of my gaming is done with my SO, I have been making more of an effort to spend time again in Tyria since that is what he's been in the mood for lately. The only goal in-game I'm really working for at the moment is the 100% exploration-star-medal-thingy, and I am very close to finally finishing! Right now my character is sitting at 96% complete with only the Cursed Shore and that stupid, forever-contested skill point in the Temple of Lyssa left to do. This is all fine and dandy, but I keep thinking what will I do with my little Sylvari Elementalist when I finally reach my goal? What will keep me playing next? Well, I decided tonight to work a bit on my personal story which has been severely neglected for the past... 70 levels or so! :D Warning: personal story spoilers, ahoy!

Guild Wars 2 Sylvari Storyline Options
THIS IS MY STORY. That no one else has! Unless you choose the same options...
Leaving the frigid weather of Frostgorge Sound, I made my way to Lion's Arch and from here to my home city, the Grove. As I exited it's gates a familiar sight hit me, Caledon Forest. The area was largely empty, save for a few fellow travelers I would sometimes pass. Nowhere near it's former glory of having huge waves of adventurers sweeping it's landscape. My current mission would have me visiting a pair of sylvari twins, Arlon and Pellam, near Mabon Market. After meeting earlier with Trahearne, he tasked me with helping these twins somehow barter with the Hylek in order to get a zalisco extract.

As I ran, my legs carried me through the village of Astorea, it's surrounding Wilds, and farther north on to Sandycove Beach. Memories flooded my mind as I recalled all my past adventures here as a sapling. And even though I felt safe and nostalgic here, I was reminded that there is still much danger all around me. At least twice I tried to stop and rest my feet thinking it was safe, but ended up having to fight for my life when I wasn't paying attention!

Screenshot of the Sylvari starting area, Caledon forest.
Arriving at Mabon Market in the Sylvari starting area, Caledon Forest.
Swimming across the bay of Ventry, I finally reach my destination. Up ahead I see the twins and introduce myself. They are a bit of an odd pair to say the least and quite the opposite of one another personality-wise. I let them do all the talking as we met with the Hylek representative. Things even seemed to be going well until a thief from the Dengatl tribe ends up ambushing us and stealing the extract! Luckily, we manage to fight off the approaching horde of enemies. Afterwards, the Hylek we met with wanders off to let her chief know what a mess we're all in! Arlon and Pellam suggest that we should travel north to the Hanto Trading Post and see if we can find out where the Dengatl tribe is located. When I arrived at the Trading Post there was an emerging skritt battle happening against the locals, but I passed. There were more important things to be done - we need that zalisco back!

Guild Wars 2 Sylvari Personal Story Cutscene
I think it's pretty clear that everyone obviously listens to me...
After meeting back up with the twins again, they tell me that we should talk to Soar Goldbeak the Tradesmaster in order to find the whereabouts of the tribe. But of course, when I try asking what he knows, he won't spill the beans and tells us to ask the other merchants instead. After "helping out" around the Trading Post (setting fires, fighting some giant frogs, and stopping a wayward robot), we come to find out that Goldbeak does indeed know some information about the tribe - in fact, we learn that he meets with them secretly to buy stolen goods which he sells for a profit. Oh, the horror! :O It also looks like there might be another tribe involved, working behind the scenes - the plot thickens! We confront Goldbeak and he finally tells us what we need to know... where the Dengatl village is. Yay!

Guild Wars 2 Personal Story NPC
Everything is always Pellam's fault, damn it!
Now I make the long journey back to the Grove and fill Trahearne in on all the details. Why we can't just send him a letter instead of running all that way I'll never know. As usual Arlon and Pellam have very different views on how the situation should be handled next. I chose to side with Pellam who suggested that we should try to trade with the Dengatl in order to find out the name of the other tribe they are working with.

And that is where I have stopped for now. Next time I will make the long trek back up Caledon Forest to meet with Pellam in the Wychmire Swamp. Hopefully playing through the personal story will tide me over until the new Guild Wars 2 update happens on the 28th of January. Although, it looks like they will be adding all the good stuff in February, March, and beyond. Good thing that there are lots (too many, in fact) of other games to keep me occupied until then! What about you? What have you been playing lately? Are you enjoying and still feeling motivated by GW2? Let me know what you think in the comment section below. :)

Wintersday Plush Griffon Toy and Sylvari
Meg the Plush Griffon Toy waves goodbye until next time!

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