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How to Get the Volunteer Title from the Flame and Frost: Prelude

So the new content update for Guild Wars 2 is in full swing and many changes have happened all around Tyria. One of the main changes this last patch has brought us is a new achievement section entitled the 'Living Story'. What is this for, you may ask? Well, there isn't a whole lot of information available yet, but this new system is one of  the ways the developers are trying to help make the world more dynamic, by introducing interactive storylines that will change the world as we know it. These different story arcs will each play out over an unspecified length of time. So far, there have been some especially strange occurrences taking place around the Charr and Norn areas these past few days in the form of geysers disrupting temperatures and humidity. In response to the environmental changes happening around the Shiverpeaks, refugees from the area have been fleeing their homes and traveling south to escape these terrible storms and are looking for YOUR help. Yes, you! This introduction to the storyline is interesting enough on it's own, but luckily for us there is also a nifty title you can get for helping - Volunteer.

Living Story Volunteer Title Flame and Frost Prelude GW2

So far for this Living Story there is only one achievement to go after, Refugee Volunteer, which asks us to complete 75 acts of assistance. This is pretty easy to attain - just head on over to Wayfarer Foothills and look for the small golden star icons on your world map. Follow the main path along to each star marked in the zone. Along the way you will encounter broken road signs, campfires that need to be lit, and fallen refugees (just looting these won't count towards the achievement, you have to actually turn in the mementos they drop to the Memento Collector NPCs at each star). Just running through a zone won't get you everything you need but thankfully there are a few options available to you to get this achievement done quickly. If there are a lot of other people around trying to finish this, too, chances are you'll be on an overflow server. If this is the case, or you are guesting, use this to your advantage - you can gather everything once on the overflow/guest server then travel back to your real server and collect it all again. You can also log out and use a different character or head on over to Diessa Plateau where there are even more spawnpoints for you. Another trick to be able to see broken signs and campfires better is to hold down 'Ctrl' to highlight them like you would when gathering any other nodes.

And that's it! Easy, right? Now all that's left to do is sit back, enjoy your new title, and wait for the next installment of the Living Story to see what will happen next! :)

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