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Finishing "A Season of Growth" Sylvari Personal Story Chapter

Sorry for a bit of an absence lately. I was working on changing the site over to our own domain (yay!) and that proved to be a huge hassle because of the company I decided to use. If you have a blog on Blogger and are thinking of using your own custom domain, I can't say I would recommend going with 1&1 unless you don't mind having to do a bunch of workarounds. Yes they are cheap, but probably not worth all the extra effort you have to go through just to get things to work how they should. Luckily, I was able to finally sort everything out in the end and it appears to be working fine. If it isn't and you encounter any problems with pages not loading or links not linking correctly, please let me know... I'd really appreciate it! But until I hear otherwise, I will assume that it is all fixed now. :)

Anyways, tonight I decided to work a bit more on the Sylvari personal story again because I have it in my head that I must finish it all before running any dungeons. And I need to do dungeons for the monthly to get laurels, so I need to have the story all completed before the end of February! As you might remember, last time I was working on the personal story it ended with needing to meet Pellam in Caledon Forest. Note: personal story spoilers ahead!

Guild Wars 2 Sylvari personal story the grove

The air was thick and humid around Wychmire Swamp. Running across the broken and uneven brick road that lead to the swamp, fireflies were abuzz all around me, providing a subtle glow against the night sky. Frogs could be heard croaking and splashing about, their sound almost deafening. My dress became wet and caked with mud as I trudged through the dark, murky waters.

Wychmire Swamp Caledon Forest
This doesn't look like the way to Oz...
I saw Pellam up ahead, finally. He and the others from the Hazupl tribe greeted me warmly. They told me how the Dengatl had agreed to trade the zalisco extract back to us in exchange for some magical weapons which, of course, we did not really intend to give them. The plan was risky but Pellam seemed convinced that nothing would go awry. I did as I was told and led our friends of the Hazupl into hiding where they would lay in wait to ambush the Dengatl once our meeting was underway.

GW2 Personal Story Hylek Sylvari
Oh, Pellam, you're so punny!
As Pellam "negotiated" with the tribe, things quickly took a turn for the worse. They tried to double cross us, wanting to keep both the magical weapons and the zalisco extract. The Dengatl had also come prepared to take what they wanted by force and sheer numbers. Needless to say, our ambush did not go as planned. A huge fight broke out before the extract could trade hands and one of the Dengatl tribe members ran off, taking the zalisco with him. I was given the exciting task of tracking him down. Except it really wasn't all that exciting... After searching in a few trees I was surprised that I was able to find him so quickly, but of course there was a catch as things are never really that easy! Lo and behold I learn that the extract is indeed gone again, this time because Tochzotl, a priest from another tribe named the Ogotl, has taken it. Sigh. Time to make the long trek back to the Grove to meet up with Trahearne again!

I arrive back at home, meandering through the city, taking in all the familiar sights and sounds of the sylvari capital. Following the spiralling pathways, I end up on the ground level where I see Trahearne and Pellam engaging in conversation inside the Dreamer's Terrace. I join them and Caithe soon follows. Trahearne kindly informs us all that Tochzotl has taken the extract because he wants to use it to create what is known as the 'Eye of the Sun'. This ancient potion is said to grant its user immense power and the ability to become an avatar of the sun itself. Whether this tale is actually true or just folklore, I could not be sure. But at the very least this potion is extremely toxic and could end up poisoning all of the Ogotl. It's suggested that we should go find out what is happening with this tribe before it is too late..

The Grove Sylvari Caithe Trahearne
Super serious Sylvari discussions.
Brisban Wildlands was our next destination. My feet ached at the thought of more running around, but soon enough I met back up with Caithe, Pellam, and Trahearne along the river. As I examined the water more closely, it had a faint green color to it and all of the fish were floating lifelessly. This potion was poisoning the river and would soon spread to all of Caledon Forest! We need to stop the Ogotl tribe as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the only way for us to investigating further was to swim upstream through this tainted water. D:

Brisban Wildlands Sylvari Underwater
Yes this river is the perfect place to have a swim...
A few waves of Hylek tried to halt our progress but eventually we arrive to see Tochzotl and an injured Arlon. Apparently he had taken matters into his own hands and tried to stop the Ogotl tribe by himself. Silly Arlon! We are able to weaken some of the effects of the potion with Trahearne's counter-agent, but still end up having to fight the Eye of the Sun. Luckily enough, even with all of that power he was no match for all of us and we were able to save the day! Hooray.

Sylvari twins

Well, that's all for now! I can't say I found this chapter to be all that exciting or engaging. The twins were acting childish the whole way through and all the Hylek seemed to be capable of was ambushing one another and almost destroying themselves. Meh. All in all I am not really impressed with what I have played of the personal story so far. Hopefully it will improve as we go along, but based on impressions I have already read from others, I don't think I will hold my breath. This is a real shame because I think a lot of us were under the impression that the choices you make would have a real and meaningful impact on your storyline, but this does not appear to be the case. What a missed opportunity! Kind of like how the personal instance in your home city is pretty underwhelming as well. Hmm, guess we can't have it all. :(

Have you played any of the personal story? Maybe you've completed it once or even a few times by now. What do you think? Is the storyline acceptable or could they have done much more with it? Let me know what you think in the comment section below! :)

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